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Food in Extreme Places: The Submarine (2/3): Sheila Dillon explores how food is planned and cooked for up to three months under the sea

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Continuing our series of programmes on cooking and eating in challenging conditions in remote places: The Royal Navy's submarines make their own air and water so food is the one factor limiting how long they can remain at sea. Sheila Dillon explores life, and the role food plays in it, on board HMS Artful- a nuclear-powered but not nuclear-armed submarine. More than simply for nutrition, food acts as a marker of the day and time in a world without sunlight and is crucial in maintaining morale. So how do you order enough food for 140 crew for up to 3 months at sea, store it in confined spaces and cook for a 24 hour operation while coping with the vessel diving or having to keep silence in a stealth operation? Sheila learns about the naval favourites 'Cheesy Wham-bam' and 'Nelly's Wellies', how they mark an important occasion and works out if the chef if the most popular job to have on board.

This episode follows on from eating in the Antarctic. Next is food in space.

Presented by Sheila Dillon
Produced by Anne-Marie Bullock.

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