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Volvo's New Factory, Affordable Cars to Insure, and Mitsubishi Mirage GT | #341: This week Brian Moody and Josh Hancock tell us about Volvo's new factory, 2018 Mazada CX 9, 2018 most affordable cars to insure, and Mitsubishi Mirage GT.

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Whether you're looking for an affordable car, a car show to attend or the latest auto reviews - we've got it all. Executive editor of Autotrader, Brain Moody, joins us to talk about the new Volvo factory in Charleston, South Carolina. He explains that after all the work Volvo is doing to make safer, more reliable vehicles, it is pretty neat that they're basically building the car of the future right here in the United States. Changing lanes, Brian reviews the 2018 Mazda CX 9 which is so refined that you may be fooled into thinking it's a luxury car. While it may be missing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it is definitely a head turner and fits in nicely at the fancy hotel Brian stayed at on a recent trip. Before Brian jumps off the air, he tells us about Autotrader's list of the "Top 10 Most Affordable Vehicles to Insure in 2018". The Honda CRV, Ford Fiesta, Honda Pilot, Mazda 3, Toyota Sienna, and the MINI Countryman are just a few of the great cars on the list. Next, Hollywood car consultant, Josh Hancock, sounds off about his surprising test drive of the Mitsubishi Mirage. While the car is extremely small, it was a great car to zoom around the narrow, busy roads he was on. After that, he gives us an update on the Iola Old Car Show that is taking place in Iola, Wisconsin. This show will be movie car themed and even has Henry Winkler as one of the judges, so Josh is excited. Lastly, we end the show with a great Craftsman story from Josh and he raves about the excitement of getting a new set of tools from them. Tune in now for some great auto news and a whole bunch of laughs!

[00:00:00] Volvo's New Charleston Factory
[00:06:22] Mazda CX 9 Luxury in Disguise
[00:12:31] 2018 Most Affordable to Insure
[00:19:51] Surprise! Mitsubishi Mirage GT
[00:29:39] Movie Themed Iola Old Car Show
[00:35:53] Josh Hancock's Craftsman Story

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