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Golf Talk Radio M&B - 1.09.10 - Tiger Woods - The Big Picture & Golf Talk Radio Trivia - Hour 2: Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy - 1.09.10 - Tiger Woods - The Big Picture & Golf Talk Radio Golf Trivia - Hour 2

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During the 2nd hour of the GTRadio 1.09.10 show Mike & Jim discuss the impact of Tiger Wood's divorce and their own personal experience growing up with seperated parents.  They will also share their opinions on the day to day struggles Tiger will face due to his divorce.  Mike and Jim also play the Golf Talk Radio golf trivia games Driver of the Day, Chip Away at It and Make the Call You!Free online golf instruction, Membership, Win Prizes every month and a portion of the proceeds from each membership will go to the First Tee it's the GTRadio Shag Bag Membership!Click Here for more information on the GTR Shag Bag Membership.Avila Beach Golf Resort - Blacklake Golf Resort - www.blacklake.comInn at Avila Beach - www.avilabeachca.comAvila LaFonda Hotel - www.avilalafondahotel.comSlickstix - www.slickstix.comAdams Golf - For more information on Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy visit and visit for Golf Talk TV with Mike & Billy. 

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