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Cory Robin: Flying Cowboy: Find out what it takes to become a flying cowboy!

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Avination, welcome to episode 41 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with Cory Robin. In this episode, Cory and I talk about.. When Cory knew he wanted to be a pilot. How old cory was when he got his first job. What he spent his first paycheck on. How his passion for aviation has only grown over the years. How flight training is about prioritization How he only made $3.10 an hour. Why it is important to go at pilot training at a pace you are comfortable with. What Cory struggled with in his training. Why Cory loves back country flying so much. How being a tailwheel pilot can make you a better pilot in the long run. Why tail wheel pilots aren’t necessarily super pilots. Why Cory got into back country flying. How flying cowboys cam about. Why there is more to aviation than just flying for the airlines. How the flying cowboys are looking to inspire pilots across the board. How the flying cowboys choose the airstrips they land at. Cory tells some epic back country stories. What Cory loves about fly in’s. We talk about the worlds largest back country fly in. What are some of the worst back country airplanes. How someone was competing in a STOL competition in a CIRRUS. How Cory and I can’t wait until a woman pilot wins the STOL competition. How the Back country pilots choose a new airport 

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