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Episode 8. Fighter Pilot Call Signs.: Raging Rick's Call Sign

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Welcome back to the Hangar Deck Podcast.  In this episode, Raging Rick explains the details and events leading up to his callsign being issued to him (CHUMP).  Rick flew F-4 Phantoms and the F-16 Falcon in the US Air Force.  This story is both interesting, informative and yet funny.  Rick goes into detail of air to air combat scenarios with 1 vs. 1 2 vs. 1 and ultimately 2 vs. 2 fighter scenarios.  We continue to have great chemistry in the studio and if you are interested in coming into the show let us know. 
Keep the comments coming and we look forward to our next Espisode when we talk with Mr. Ron Taylor, a former US Air Force In-Flight Refueling Boom Operator with the 11th ARS during the Cold War (1962-1965).  He directly supported B-52 SAC missions and it's exciting to hear aviation stories from this time.

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