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61 Years And Counting, January 28, 2018: SimpleFlight Aviation Radio, Defining Your Aviation Lifestyle

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How many pilots do you know that have been flying for 61 years and never flown for the airlines?  As a matter of fact, how many pilots do you know that have been an active pilot for 61 years?  Well, today is your chance to meet Lou Wipotnik.  Lou is perhaps best known as a flight instructor, teacher and seminar speaker. He has actively taught since 1968 and holds instructor ratings for airplane single-engine land and sea, single and multi-engine, helicopter, glider and instrument. Lou also has served as an FAA Accident Prevention Counselor and FAASTeam Representative. One of the most active volunteers in the Chicago area, Lou shares his passion for aviation, teaching safety seminars, instructing at Wings Weekend and participating in EAA Young Eagles events. Lou has received a number of awards for his service as an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor and aviation speaker.  But what he has experienced is a story yet untold. Join Rhonda and Marc to meet Lou up close and personal as they take a trip down memory lane to learn about Lou's amazing experiences, as well as what the future holds for this very special and ageless aviation ambassador.  So buckle your seat belt and enjoy the show. ​​​                       =============== ​We hope you enjoy listening as much as we love talking to others who share our passion for aviation.  Please subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes or your favorite broadcast source, and rate, review, and let us know what you think! ​ ​​​​BLUE SKIES and TAILWINDS!!!

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