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Waze vs Apple Maps | 3

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The debut of the Apple iPhone in 2007 means unprecedented changes for human communication. But even its inventor Steve Jobs at first fails to realize that the most powerful part of his invention isn’t the music player or the web browser. It’s the map. The physical world is about to collide with the virtual one, and that means a bitter fight for mobile mapping supremacy between Apple and its rival, Google. The two companies’ battle eventually leads to one of Apple’s rare missteps — but not before Jobs stuns the world by dying of pancreatic cancer. Meanwhile, an Israeli start-up is starting to make waves by crowdsourcing data to create a turn-by-turn navigation tool that provides up-to-the-minute accuracy. Good thing the founders have agreed not to sell for less than a billion dollars…Brought to you by the 2019 Lincoln MKC. Support us by supporting our sponsors!

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