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No Gods Before Love

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In this episode I'm joined in dialogue by David Gold to explore the path of Love. David shares the story of meeting his beloved, Juli Reeves, and how their meeting kicked off a process of being disrupted by Love. Listen in as we inquiry into Love, Life, Trust, Emergence, & Evolution.This is part 2 of a two-part series.Memorable Quotes:“Whatever stands in the way of me loving her more, may it be removed.” - David Gold“I will not have another God before Love. I don’t know what Gods will appear in Love, or reappear through Love, but I am not going to sacrifice Love.” - David Gold“You can’t force yourself to trust life, but you can embrace life.” - David Gold“The truth of life’s trustworthiness is revealing itself.” - David Gold"If samsaric logic is 'if this than that' nirvanic logic is 'just this'." - Vincent Horn“The practices arise from primordial wisdom rather than leading to it.” - Vincent Horn"The vipassana master whose just sitting there noticing what is, is also loving what is." - Vincent HornEpisode Links:? Love Disruptors (David & Juli's Site)

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