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The Bible Geek Podcast 18-036: The Bible Geek Podcast 18-036

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What does the Geek think would happen if we really did find something
new (in the recovered Library of Herculaneum) that should objectively count as scripture rather than apocrypha? How would this affect various notions of the canon?

Might Jacob’s stone pillar actually be intended as a divination dolmen?

Why does Saul/Paul have two (alternative) names? In which circumstances would 
each be used?

Jews read Kaballah and Gematria-based interpretations into the Hebrew Bible and Catholics read references to Jesus Christ into some Old Testament phrases - do followers of other sacred texts - Hindu and Buddhist, for example - do the same?

What happens in the case of priests who have been laicized, due to appalling criminal behaviour? As 'once a priest, always a priest' means that the ex-priest could administer the sacraments if he wanted to but has been told not to, does this also mean that the ontological change too cannot really be withdrawn, such that a child abuser is, effectively, an Alteri Christus?

Might Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” have been his incredible guilt over having persecuted those who are now his brethren?

Is Christianity now in the process of another reformation?

Was it common for critical scholars to publish anonymously or pseudonymously? Were the risks legal, or social/reputational? When did this change?

Could you list fellow theologians and historians of the New Testament and early Christianity with a degree PhD who claim that Jesus Christ is a mythical figure and that the New Testament is unreliable historically?

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