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The Bible Geek Podcast 19-001: The Bible Geek Podcast 19-001

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What do you think of Jordan Peterson’s definition of “truth” as any notion that, if believed, increases survival value?

Could you enlighten us as to the Book of Enoch and the ubiquitous Watchers? And does this book and it's narrative turn into being about Satan somehow?

What do you think of the Young Earth creationism apologetic that God created Adam, Eve, and earth with artificial signs of a long past?

Was Jesus’ teaching about heaven and hell news to his listeners, or were they all familiar notions?

Has any Christian group ever taught that infants go to hell?

Wouldn’t the Book of Revelation make more sense if it had been written by and for Ebionite Christians?

Assuming Luke used Matthew as a source, any idea why the Genealogies are different? 

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