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029 - How to Promote an Ebook & The Value of a Mentor, Business Coach or Expert: How to market and promote your own ebook and how to evaluate the investment of business experts, personal development and coaching when you're just starting out

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Need help growing or starting your business? Ask Chalene at Have you considered writing and ebook for your audience, but you're not quite sure how to get it off the ground? Chalene provides you with a few simple tips that can help get you moving in the right direction. In this episode we talk about how to build a list by usng a free ebook as a lead magnet, freemium or opt-in, how many people are making a full time income by selling their own self-published ebook. What about finding a mentor, a business coach or an expert to save you time in the process of developing your business? Great question! Chalene discusses how to evaluate the cost and time investment that one must consider when first starting out and funds are limited. She shares her own personal story of investing in training and coaching from Brendon Burchard and other experts like Brian Tracey!  Your personal journey should start right here... in the world of podcasting. Many of the Word's top experts, coaches, mentors and business advisors have created podcasts to share their knowledge and expertise. Experts on business development like Chalene Johnson, Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt and Amy Porterfield. If you're looking for advice on money, you'll find Dave Ramsey, Mel Abraham, and others. Podcasts are the best place to start!  This episode of the Build Your Tribe is sponsored by - If you would like to learn more about how to start and build a business (the right way), how to create and evaluate your perfect customer list, how to writing the perfect emails, how to develop a customer list building  freemiums, split testing, how to avoid the spam box, how to create an on-line launch, how grow your email list with ebooks, how to generate truly passive income with with affiliate marketing, how to light, script, edit and create videos that deliver sales conversions, wher to host videos privately, how to create a membership site, how to deliver of digital product, how to scale back your social media efforts to produce results, ----- The Marketing Impact Academy is the best investment someone can make that is looking to start or grow their on-line business or personal brand. Skeptical? We get it... so... do what any smart entrepreneur would do... do your research. Google the reviews of those who have graduated and still turn to the Marketing Impact Academy today (as lifetime alumni) on a regular basis for guidance in this ever changing technology driven, often confusing, incredibly rewarding world of e-commerce!   

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