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038: How to Leverage Facebook Groups: Best Practices that Build a Loyal Community of Followers with Heather Crabtree: Guest: Heather Crabtree

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A wife, mother, friend, business mentor, CEO and former lawyer, Heather Crabtree is not only the founder of a thriving and inspiring community for females, but she is quite literally #goals for 2018. She’s a passion-filled, positive force who is constantly shedding her knowledge to her Facebook group of more than 13,000 women around the globe - and with us in today’s episode! For show notes and additional information head over to Did you like this episode and want more of them? If so, subscribe to our podcast channel on iTunes and I would be ever so grateful if you shared this with your friends. If you want to uplevel your influence, even more, come over to where you’ll get instant access to strategic tools and refreshing ideas that will help you connect and grow your brand.

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