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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change Investing?

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How does artificial intelligence and machine learning work and what are some examples of how individual investors can use AI in their investing.In this episode you will learn:What is artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.How is AI being used by different industries.How are AI models built with supervised and unsupervised learning.What are the components of a quantitative trading model and why it is insufficient to have an AI based stock ranking service.What are examples of AI based investment services and AI ETFs available to individuals.Why using AI to make investment decisions is so difficult.Thanks to Warby Parker and WIX for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] The two types of AI: rules-based & deep learning.[3:35] Some examples of artificial intelligence.[4:59] How machine learning systems work.[6:10] Supervised learning vs. unsupervised learning. [9:10] Training deep learning AI models.  [12:46] Complications with how deep learning models come up with their answers.[14:31] The role of AI in predicting interest rates.[17:16] Understanding the different factors and components of AI models when it comes to investing.[19:43] David’s personal experience with an AI-based investing service. [23:29] The Equbot and investing in ETFs.[25:46] The difficulties of using AI as an individual investor.

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