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Ep 076: Why Financial Therapy Is Better Than Financial Advice To Help Clients Change Their Behavior with Kristy Archuleta: The co-founder of the Financial Therapy Association shares what makes clients more likely to implement financial planning advice and more.

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My guest today brings a truly unique perspective to the financial planning world. In addition to being an associate professor in the financial planning program at Kansas State University, Kristy Archuleta is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her background as a trained psychologist means she understands how to help clients improve their financial behaviors in a way that isn’t typically seen with advisors. In this episode, Kristy shares the details of the work she does at the intersection of financial planning and financial therapy, as well as why—according to the best practices research of therapists themselves—the typical advisor approach is actually not a good way to get people to change their financial behaviors for the better. Listen in to hear what she says makes clients more likely to implement financial planning advice, why she anticipates that financial therapy will eventually become a specialization path for financial planners, and more. For show notes and more visit:

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