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TEI 175: Building B2B products – with Blair Reeves & Benjamin Gaines: How product managers make the most of large teams and high-value customer relationships

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About the Episode:

A new book by O’Reilly Press discusses product management for B2B software applications. It’s titled Building for Business. Much has been written about product management and the development of software products, but little that specifically addresses the characteristics of the B2B environment. The authors join this episode to discuss how product management is different for enterprise software products, including:
Differences in consumers from B2B and B2CThe impact a direct sales team hasHow the scale of enterprise customers impacts product workThe need for effective collaborationUsing organizational knowledge
The authors are Blair Reeves and Ben Gaines. Blair is a Principal Product Manager at SAS Software and has previously held senior roles at Demandware (now a Salesforce company) and IBM. Ben is a Group Product Manager for Adobe Analytics and previously managed digital analytics at ESPN.

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