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282 Why Tier-2 firms will never catch BCG or McKinsey: 282 Why Tier-2 firms will never catch BCG or McKinsey

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This podcast explains the common mistake all rivals, tier-2 firms, to McKinsey and BCG make: they value the wrong skills BCG has.

This podcast explains the 4 capabilities a firm must have and how to use them:

(1) Values
(2) Strategy approach
(3) Analytics
(4) Ability to draw insights

We can all agree that everyone is obsessed with the analytics at their peril. Tier-2 firms are truly shocked when they apply the same analytics as McKinsey but get a different result and still cannot raise their standing in a client's eyes. There is a reason for that.

- Interview a Deloittee Strategy and Operation Principal
- Deloitte IT Strategy and McKinsey BTO

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