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229. How to Use Blogging to Book Speaking Gigs with Hugh Culver: 229. How to Use Blogging to Book Speaking Gigs with Hugh Culver

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Hugh is one of our rare 3-peat guests and he's back to tell us how to use blogging to book speaking gigs. On today's edition of The Speaker Lab, Hugh specifically explains why you should blog to grow your speaking business including how often you should blog, what you should blog about, how long your blog posts should be, and where you should promote your blog. In addition to being a keynote speaker and best-selling author, Hugh runs a business called BlogWorks. BlogWorks is a company devoted to helping speakers book more speaking gigs through the art of blogging. Hugh shares his wealth of knowledge and more so join us to hear it all on episode 229 of The Speaker Lab! THE FINER DETAILS OF THIS SHOW:    How often should you post to ensure you're relevant? Why more is not necessarily better. The three steps to take after you write every blog post. Should you write your blog for your audience or people who hire speakers? What are the two ways to know if your blog post resonates with your audience? What should you do if you have run out of topic ideas? Is there a standard format you can use for your blog posts? What four statistics should you focus on? And so much more!   EPISODE RESOURCES Hugh Culver's web site BlogWorks web site Hugh Culver on Twitter Hugh Culver on episode 10 of TSL Hugh Culver on episode 120 of TSL Free Speaker Workshop The Speaker Lab on YouTube Booked and Paid to Speak program Got questions? Send them in here Email me! Subscribe on iTunes, and leave us a rating or revie  

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