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006. Q&A: What Should Be Included In a Speaker Contract: 006. Q&A: What Should Be Included In a Speaker Contract

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Welcome back to The Speaker Lab! On today's show I'm here with another special Q&A episode, this time with a focus on one great question: speaking contracts.
Today on The Speaker Lab our focus is on contracts in the speaking world, and all the details that go along with them. Everything from the actual details of speaking contracts to contract etiquette as well as rules to follow when communicating with potential employers.
Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!

Once a job is booked, what kind of contract is exchanged?
How do you leave a reliable paper trail?
What is a "speaking agreement" and is it different than a contract?
What should be included in your contract and how much should you charge?
The different types of clauses to include in your contract.
How do you handle deposits and travel costs?
What to do in case of a cancellation or emergency.
And much, much more!


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