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Ep 64: How Exponential Technologies Are Shaping the Future of Work: David Bray - Chief Information Officer at the Federal Communications Commission

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Today I bring to you a very special Future of Work Podcast.  I speak with Dr. David Bray the Chief Information Officer of the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission.  The FCC is responsible for regulating interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable across all 50 states.  The FCC makes decisions on how industry relates to consumers, whether it be telecommunications, television stations, broadband connections and the internet.  Any wired or wireless device will have a FCC logo on it. Industry standards are provided by the FCC so these devices will not interfere with each other so communication can be done in the United States.  The theme of today’s podcast is how exponential technologies are shaping the future of work. 
Dr. Bray is an Eisenhower Fellow.  Each year the fellowship program sends 9 or 10 exceptional people to two countries of their choosing to meet with industry and government leaders.  David had the opportunity to go to Taiwan and Australia to have conversations with leaders in those countries on how they are getting ready for the internet of everything, as well as, security, privacy and the changing nature of work.  At the FCC, David has lead the transformation from legacy information technology to cloud based and commercial service providers. He speaks on the importance of doing this for all businesses for the future of work. 
What you will learn in this episode

What are exponential technologies?
Why being a little paranoid in today’s business world is a good thing
What is the FCC
Why it is important for businesses to move their technologies to the cloud
Smart assistants and technologies
Robots and automation
Organizational structure and the human aspect behind work

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