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Episode 50: Unbridled Faith: with Cara Whitney

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In today's episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast, I chat with Cara Whitney, wife of Dan Whitney (aka Larry the Cable Guy). Cara shares her testimony of coming to trust Christ as her personal Savior and how caring for her horses gave her a unique glimpse into the heart of God. We also talk about how Christians can better support those who are just beginning to pursue a relationship with Christ and the importance of loving and disciplining those new to the Christian faith. Purchase Unbridled Faith Click here to learn more about beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Find complete show notes here Heart Lesson: Have I done enough to tell my kids about Jesus? We Mention: Larry the Cable Guy Richard Dawkins theology of baptism secular (definition) evangelism (definition) Hashimoto's disease Greg Laurie David Jeremiah Back to the Bible Turning Point Ministries prey animal Dan Whitney's testimony at LU Beth Moore Esther study Go Tandem (discipleship app) Franklin Graham ministries David Platt Scriptures Mentioned: Ecclesiastes 3:11 Luke 23:34 James 2:19 1 Peter 5:7 John 12 Luke 22:54-62 Job's friends Proverbs 27:17 1 Peter 4:8 Takeaway Truths:  How Christians behave has no bearing on whether or not the resurrection happened. We can cast our cares on the Lord because He is in control. God gives us the choice to love Him by giving us a choice not to love Him. Christians are quick to judge but not to give you the good news. God designed my life this way and it is the best way. You can not expect lonely and hurting people to walk into church, but Jesus made house calls. He rarely said, "I love you," but showed it in action. Get to know a new believer and tailor your discipleship to their specific needs. The group that needs to be louder is the group that loves. Allow yourself time to get to know Jesus after coming to faith.

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