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Many people have endured horrific pain and suffering, my story may help them move forward in healing and understanding the world they live in. I don't have all the answers as to why there is child abuse; I'm still seeking out others to help me heal with my own childhood. For those of you who are survivors of child abuse and rape, may my words bring some enlightenment and strength in your daily struggles to move forward and grow. This story is written to thank so many people who have given their love to me, so I may live with my past. Sharing all the unconditional love from the world around me, may help the reader seek out unconditional love in their world. There really are nice people in the world and by reaching out and asking for help, will in turn help me learn about love. The reader may find comfort in my story, knowing that they are not alone with their own struggles pertaining to abuse. If I can't help them, perhaps we as a people can embrace their pain together and bring them the help they seek. My story is nothing new, as I write this I know in my heart there are innocent children crying to be heard. Let us be their voice, let us embrace their pain and help others in their journey to live in this world.
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