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Career Moves By Authors Lead To The Winning Mentality: Anita Narayan is an amazing author who has had huge success with her book Breaking Free. In this show we talk about the brave career moves that has took her from tragedy to success.

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Todays guest entrepreneur following the words of Steve Jobs, is the founder of Breaking Free Unlimited and author of the inspirational book Breaking Free – My Journey From Breaking Point and Self-Imprisonment to New Life Following Major Personal Tragedy. This is a harrowing, but true tale that is split into three key parts, following the events that occurred within our guests family. A severe addiction, mental and emotional abuse, domestic violence, sudden death, three near deaths, conflict with sexuality and exile from the church, a murder by a family member on a family member, all lead to a place where her future changed forever. And you would almost expect her to have gone to a bad place never to return. But our guest did something very different and fought back, in order to inspire the world. Ready to tell everyone out there, that you are never defined by your situation, or your past. But you are totally defined by the choices that you personally make, no mater when you start to make them. And now as an author, songwriter, speaker and freedom coach she teaches everyone she coaches how to have a winning mentality in life. So how did she push the past away from her, or does she find the strength she displays today by actually carrying it with her? And do people need to see the dark in life to truly gain inspiration from the light? Well let’s find out, as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only super entrepreneur herself Anita Naraya.  

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