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#162 - The Cathouse Killings - The Unsalvageableness of David Tyner

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This week, we crawl into the life of a man who had plenty of promise. He was a state wrestling champion, and even earned a college scholarship. But it all fell apart. He tried his hand in some MMA competition, but ultimately washed out of the sport, much like college, and the Marines. What's left for a guy like that? Enforcer for a drug kingpin, of course. But when he thinks he's not being compensated like he should for his work, a plan is hatched... This plan results in some of the most graphic violence possible. This is wild one!!Be deemed too lazy for college, be deemed too crazy for the Marines, and settle your scores with a horrifically violent assault that leaves multiple people dead with David Tyner!!Check us out, every Tuesday!We will continue to bring you the biggest idiots in sports history!! Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman Donate at... or with using our email: Get all the CIS & STM merch at Go to for all things CIS & STM!! Contact us on...

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