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0095 TCT - The podcast that almost never was: Sly Reply, Poll Junkie, Question Press, Three Ring, Pixlr, Complete DropBox for Educators, Backing Up Your Mac, Guide to iPads for Teachers, 101 Web 2.0 Tools Teachers Should Know, Math Chimp, New Stuff from Adobe, Plagiarism, StopMotion Studio, StoryKit

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OMG! You can TOTALLY hear us snacking on half price Easter candy! Wow… how rude…

Sly Reply
Online scheduling/reply site

Poll Junkie

Question Press

Three Ring


The Complete DropBox for Educator
*just in case--Helen’s dropbox referral ;)

The Complete Guide to Backing Up Your Mac

An Introductory Guide to iPads for Teachers

101 Web 2.0 Tools Teachers Should Know About

Math Chimp
online collection of math games that are aligned to Common Core Standards

New Stuff from Adobe (+Adobe Touch app and the iPhoto app)

Adobe Touch App

iPhoto App

Plagiarism Lesson Learned the HARD Way


StopMotion Studio


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