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Aloe Vera DIY Home Remedies to Fade Discoloration, Dryness & Wrinkles: Aloe is a MIRACLE plant & a Must for STUNNING Skin. Great for all Skin Types. Learn how to use it.

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Aloe vera is called Kumari in Sanskrit and is a must in your skin care routine if you want your skin to be gorgeous and flawless. It is a source of plant hormones, vitamins, amino acids and lots of hydration. It calms down your skin and helps fade the look of acne, dark spots, dullness and signs of aging. In this segment, I discuss why aloe is such a wonderful ingredient for your skin care. I also teach you very easy aloe vera remedies that you can make right at home.  Hope you liked this segment. If you are listening on iTunes, please subscribe and leave us a review! Get information about Apsara Skin Care by visiting us online at Here is the link to an in-depth article on aloe vera and its many skin care benefits. Go natural. It is good karma!

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