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Fashion 411 w/ Sam Sarpong | October 31st, 2014 | Black Hollywood Live

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BHL: Fashion 411 -- In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Diona Vaughan, Courtney Stewart and Val Kahl discuss fashion for the week of October 31st, 2014. Also joining the conversation is special guest Sam Sarpong. Val opens up with the 'Le Chaud' segment featuring Chaud or not Chaud: The Waist Corset wore by Kim Kardashian, Topshop and Beyonce team up for fashion company, and affordable Halloween costumes. They then discuss this week's "OOTW - Outfit of the Week" - Bardot dress Blake Lively - Stripe Out LS Midi Dress. Next up is the "Beauty Beat" highlighting Then they discusses the "Style Scoop" with Snoop does socks, the perfect body according to Victoria’s Secret, Lisa Price and L’Oreal, and farewell to a fashion legend. Next they interview Sam Sarpong. They then discuss "Haute/Haute Mess" featuring Nicole Sherzinger, Eve, Jennifer Hudson, and JLo. They wrap things up with a "Style Watch" featuring @stylepantry.
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