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261: Angels, Ghosts, Spirit-Pets and Beyond with Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers: How can you ask angels for guidance? Are your past lives shaping your present? Do you have a psychic gift? What does your pet say about you? Celebrity psychic Laura Powers answers these questions and more!

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Ever since she was a she was a child, Laura Powers saw ghosts and spirits. She knew this made her different, so she tried to block out and ignore her gift. But her sight only got stronger and more intense. In college, things got too much - she sometimes couldn’t tell between ghosts and “real” people. This took her to breaking point, physically and spiritually. But she fought back, by tackling her health (check out Episode 260 to find out how she healed her body from the inside) and by learning to connect with the angelic presences all around.    We all go through tough times, and sometimes this can be a lonely experience. But if you’re feeling stuck, it’s ok to ask for guidance. It’s ok to ask angels.   Who are angels? Angels are divine beings of light, souls that have crossed over and returned here as guides and helpers. They are here to help us with our life missions. They’re not limited by physical reality, so they can do many things at once. They WANT to help. And they can assist you with anything - whether it’s landing that dream job or finding a parking spot. How do you ask? Just make sure you’re clear and specific about the help you want, and speak it out loud. They are listening.   Busting the fortune teller myth Let’s bust a myth right now: a psychic is a NOT fortune teller. We have free will and choices. Psychics can’t really tell the future. There might be a general plan for you, but ultimately you decide what happens in your life. When Laura gives a reading, she does it based on what she senses from you right now - however, you can change that path by making different choices, if you want to. You can manifest whatever you desire.   Yes, it’s easy to get stuck into societally acceptable goals and lose sight of what makes you truly happy, what you’re really passionate about. When you learn to listen to your higher self and your guides, you align with what’s meant to be your path and purpose. Laura can help you connect with that higher you. Click here to book a psychic reading with Laura.   Pets - your soul tribe and spirit guides: Did you know your pets say a lot about you? They’re part of your soul tribe, and chances are you were connected in a previous life. Your dog might have been your horse, your cat might have been your sister. If your pet is troubled, they’re mirroring something that is going on in your life, that you might not even be aware of. If they’ve crossed over, they still want to communicate with you and protect you. Tune into this episode to hear Laura connecting with Alli’s dog Charlotte and Vince’s childhood pet D.O.G., and the jaw-dropping messages they have for their owners from the other side. You can book a reading with Laura and connect with your pets, whether they’re still with you or have passed on.   Learning from past lives: What can you learn from your past life? Tons. By looking at what happened in previous lives we can better understand what’s happening in our life today. Whatever’s happening right now, we’ve already gone through it in the past. If you have trouble with boundaries, receiving, or relationships - often counselling doesn’t go deep enough because it only deals with your present state. But if you can get into your ancestral past, then you can get insight into what you need to learn and how you can heal. Traumatic experiences from past lives could be dictating phobias in your present, and letting those experiences go can zap those fears into nothingness. Laura does past life readings to connect you with your past life and help you thrive in the present.   True Crime: Do police work with psychics? Maybe they should… Laura also helps families who have been victims of crime, to discover the truth and let go.   Tune in to hear her readings about these crimes: Did Stephen Avery murder that woman in Making a Murder? Missing Maura Murray - Where is she? Is she alive? Is Michael Jackson really a child molester?   Ultimately, we all have the power of psychic vision… but we lose it

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