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181: How Drew Canole Lost 40 Pounds and Created a Wellness Revolution with Organifi: Today we’re interviewing a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset: founder of and creator of Organify superfood powders, Drew Canole. Drew used juicing to lose 40 pounds and gain clarity, plus shares his tips for setting up y

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Imagine a world where instead of 1.6 billion Coke drinkers, there are 1.6 billion (and more) people drinking green juice. Today’s guest, fitness and nutrition rockstar, Drew Canole, is passionate about making that a reality. What we consume plays a massive role in how we feel. The future of humanity depends on us being balanced, thriving human beings. That starts with what we choose to put in our bodies. We can change the world through health and nutrition.  Seven years ago, Drew was 45 pounds overweight, pretty unclear about what his life purpose was, going out all the time, and drinking too much. But we all have a wake-up moment, and once Drew had his, there was no turning back. He knew he had to contribute to the world and make a positive difference. He went on a 90-day juice cleanse, lost 40 pounds, gained clarify, focus, energy, and received a ton on online support! He’s on a mission to help people experience radical joy, connect to oneness, live their purpose, and be the healthiest, fittest version of themselves. He recommends a delicate blend of self-love, listening to what your body is telling you, and cellular nourishment.  Drew is the founder and CEO of, where he shares inspirational content about healing, longevity, mindset, and nutrition.  We love him and his videos, so go check him out!  Drew created a delicious brand of superfood powders, Organifi. We can’t get enough of them and Drew has very generously given Food Heals Nation a hefty 20% off with the coupon code FoodHeals! Products range from green powder for cleansing and fat burning (with spirulina, chlorella, moringa, matcha, ashwagandha, chlorophyll and more… all the greens without the “green” taste), reishi gold drink for immunity (with reishi and antioxidant turmeric), red anti-aging juice (with acai and cordyceps), protein powder (with added enzymes for better digestion), probiotics, and everything you need to rebalance your body and enjoy a happy, healthy, fit life.  Drew’s tips for your best morning routine: It starts the night before: swap blue lights for red to increase melatonin and help you sleep Start a gratitude list  Hydrate with high-vibe water Listen to music from your childhood Commit. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Commit to your new morning ritual for at least 21 days. That’s when the magic begins to happen.  The Food Heals Nation Holiday Gift Guide is Live! As you know, our holiday gift guide is LIVE, and you can download it now for free! We scoured the web, asked our guests and begged for discounts to bring you this beautiful resource packed with our favorite natural products from brands we truly believe in. So check out some awesome savings on products that will make you feel & look fabulous, plus make gorgeous, healthy holiday gifts, like:  20% off Global Healing Center’s Anti-aging skincare & supplements 20% off GUNAS New York Luxury Vegan Handbags 20% off Schmidt's Natural Deodorant 20% off Fit From Food tanks & tees 20% off Organifi Superfood Powders  20% off Suzy’s CBD Fountain CBD lotions, balms, tinctures… email for orders 10% off Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls 10% off Addictive Wellness superfood elixirs & organic chocolate And MORE! Use the coupon code foodheals to get your holiday savings on now! PLUS for another great way to get discounts on your favorite online shops, download this browser extension that searches the web to bring you the best codes: (Allison swears by this!) Check out!   Upcoming Events: If you want to connect with us real time, then check out the following two events where Allison will be speaking: Releasing What Weighs You Down on January 12-14: Allison will be talking at JJ Flizanes’s wellness event alongside other great guests like Lisa Thomas of Beyond Cellular Healing. Go to for more details. This is a three-day event with tasty healthy food and amazing speakers. Coupon code 10OFF will get you 10% off! W

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