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301: Sean-Paul von Ancken on Arcosanti Convergence: Building and blending the communities of sustainability and social justice in one event

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Building and blending the communities of sustainability and social justice in one event. In This Podcast: Sean-Paul tells us how he found his purpose with the community of sustainability and traveling the world learning and understanding from movements and people all over. He landed at Arcosanti just north of Phoenix and is now working to help merge the communities of sustainability and social justice. He shares Arcosanti with us and then introduces the Convergence event happening over the second weekend in November.  There is so much happening you need to hear him explain it to even get a taste of it all.  Don’t miss an episode! Click here to sign up for weekly podcast updates or visit Sean-Paul is an urbanist and community developer with a degree in planning & sustainability from the University of New Mexico. He is concerned with growing resilient food systems, and advancing ideas of good urban design. As an event producer and community organizer, his work facilitates civic engagement, conflict resolution, and social justice. Contemporary social, environmental, and economic injustice inspire Sean-Paul to join arms with activists and cultural catalysts of all varieties and from all backgrounds. His goal is to bend and blend movements together to embody and expound a new urban/social paradigm. Go to for more information and links on this podcast, and to find our other great guests.

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