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EP068: Studying the Boundaries of Human Performance: How science can dispel common fitness industry myths.

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Drew welcomes guest expert, Dr. Jacob Wilson. Dr. Wilson is also known as The Muscle Ph.D. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, the CEO of the Applied Science Performance Institute in Tampa and has authored over 150 peer review papers. You will really enjoy listening to Dr. Wilson because he is a scientist who speaks like a normal person. This podcast includes discussions about many of his studies including Does eating frequently increase fat loss? Do you need carbs to grow muscle? What is cheating clean? Can you trick your body into thinking it’s full? And much more. Be the first to get new ways to keep yourself healthy and fit in your inbox by signing up for Drew’s newsletter on   Key Takeaways: [6:30] Dr. Jake Wilson studies the boundaries of human performance and body composition 24/7. [8:40] Professional hockey player, boxer or scientist? Dr. Wilson’s origin story. [13:50] How has the science behind body composition changed over the years? [17:35] Using scientific studies to dispel common myths previously believed by the fitness community. [32:19] You can look great on the outside but be unhealthy on the inside. [34:23] Can you trick your body to think it’s full? [39:14] Can cheating clean help a person to avoid binge eating unhealthy foods? [43:40] Do higher ketone levels equal higher fat loss? [47:19] Dr. Wilson answers Drew’s rapid fire questions including how curiosity cured the cat.  [51:52] Who does Dr. Wilson go to for inspiration?   Sponsors: EverlyWell - Use this special link for 10% off or use the code Fit2Fat2Fit when you check out Quest Nutrition Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: The Muscle PhD on Facebook Applied Science Performance Institute @themusclephd on Instagram Fit2Fat2Fit Fit2Fat2Fit Book Drew on Social Media: @fit2fat2fit Email Drew:

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