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EP074: Find Your Tribe at PALEO F(X) 2017: A healthy lifestyle starts with an understanding of your body’s individual needs.

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Find your tribe in Austin at the upcoming PALEO F(X) Conference in May. Drew talks with Michelle Norris, co-founder of the event and CEO of Paleo f(x). Michelle shares her history of the early days in the Paleo movement, her personal nutritional struggles before paleo and what inspired her and Ken to create the conference. She provides the lowdown on what to expect from the speakers (Drew included) at the conference and which interactive presentation are sure to educate and entertain. And, if you are an entrepreneur in a health related field be sure to listen to the information Michelle provides about the EE f(x) or the Evolved Entrepreneur f(x). Do you want to transform your life? Drew is prepared to help you do it with his new 6-month Fat2Fit program.   Key Takeaways: [7:42] Michelle Norris describes the Paleo f(x) origin story. [11:26] How paleo changed Michelle and Ken Morris’s lives. [23:26] People don’t consider the chemicals and antibiotics they ingest when they eat food raised on industrial farms. [25:16] The 6th annual PALEO F(X) conference is about a holistic lifestyle. [31:13] Vetting true paleo lifestyle providers versus companies only making money off the word paleo. [35:06] Whole foods are the key to good health. [39:34] PALEO F(X) in May will feature world-class speakers and interactive workshops. [42:08] PFX FITscore competition information. [50:06] Contact information for Evolved Entrepreneur f(x) or EE f(x).   Sponsors: Drop an FBomb - Use this code for 10% off your purchase Quest Keto Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: PALEO F(X) Conference Paleo f(x) @PaleoFX on Twitter EE f(x) Transform with Drew’s Fit2Fat2Fit 6-month Program Fit2Fat2Fit Fit2Fat2Fit Book Drew on Social Media: @fit2fat2fit Email Drew:  

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