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EP039: Brain-Focused Smart Drugs, Ketosis, and Old School Style Bodybuilding: The science behind the future of fitness in one easy to understand episode.

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Craig Preisendorf trains MMA fighters and other high-level athletes. He has been dubbed the Superhero Maker, a title he readily accepts and embraces. From a very young age, he was captivated by the pictures in fitness magazines of pronounced veins and great physiques. While training for competitions he encountered a series of bad coaches who cared little for nutrition or body wellness. His last bad training experience landed him in a hospital where he had a near death experience. After being fed up with all the bad information and harmful supplements moving through the fitness industry, he decided to bring internal nutrition and brain food to the forefront of his training programs.   Key Takeaways: [7:05] At 12, Craig just had to have forearm veins and later didn’t want to date until he got buff. [12:17] Finding a true connection with your body through classic, old school style bodybuilding. [16:01] Modifying athletes’ nutrition for the body AND the brain had the biggest impact on their fitness abilities. [21:05] Bad coaching and a near death experience led Craig to ketosis. [30:24] How does ketosis affect females and how do they maintain good fat, protein and carb levels? [36:49] The keto flu is actually just a dietary mistake.  [40:21] Understanding the difference between keto adapted and producing ketones. [43:20] The science behind Smart Drugs.    [51:17] What can the average person expect to experience when taking a nootropic, like Lucid? [53:57] The future of supplements will be based on real foods and ketosis. [56:53] The Lightning Round #BOOM [1:00:13] Contact information for The Superhero Make.r   Sponsors: Keygenix - Use this link for 15% off your entire purchase Quest Nutrition Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: Fit2Fat2Fit @fit2fat2fit - Drew on Instagram 2FitatHome @2fitathome - Lynn on Instagram FitCon The Superhero Maker on Facebook @superheromakr Engaged Per4mance My Fitness Pal App

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