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EP014: It Doesn’t Matter Where You’ve Been, it Only Matters Where You are Going with Shaun T: People who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind.

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In this refreshingly open and honest conversation with Shaun T, we explore the beauty of believing in ourselves. Shaun experienced mental and physical abuse from an authority figure when he was young. He knew this type of environment is toxic, so he decided to head to LA to become a dancer. He now encourages people to be the best they can be by enhancing their lives with workout programs designed to uplift the body and the soul. He makes his decisions based on love and leads by example. “We only have one life to live,” he says and he intends to make the most of it.
Key Takeaways:
[3:57] How did Drew and Shaun T meet?
[6:45] Shaun closed himself up to the world until the age of 14
[9:47] Gaining 50 pounds led to Shaun’s fitness journey
[12:02] Driving across the country to become a professional dancer
[15:11] Shaun met his husband in New York but eventually moved to Arizona
[16:33] Ten years with Beachbody allowed Shaun to enhance people’s lives
[20:21] Developing a new workout is draining, both physically and emotionally
[24:46] Staying positive and spontaneous starts with answering “what is it that you want?”
[27:12] Accepting your body type and all of its changes
[30:20] Don’t forget about the overweight person - it’s the person who started your journey
[33:21] Dealing with prejudice about homosexuality was easier for me than my husband
[37:22] Sexuality is more about who you love and not about sex
[40:03] We only have one life
[41:18] My Diet is Better than Yours, premier airs on January 7th on ABC
[44:52] The Lightning Round - Using your assets
[49:43] Shaun and Lynn are moving to a nudist colony
[52:31] Six months of apple crisp isn’t enough to motivate Shaun to do a Fit2Fat2Fit journey
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