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EP011: Don’t Sacrifice Your Love of Food, Use Spices to Jazzy Things Up with Jasmine Schmalhaus: Don’t Sacrifice Your Love of Food, Use Spices to Jazzy Things Up with Jasmine Schmalhaus

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If you think eating healthy means you need to spend hours in the kitchen doing meal prep, you need to listen to this episode. We have insider secrets on how to make basic or staple foods in advance and simply add spices when you are ready to heat and eat your meals. “Getting recipes from someone whose favorite meal is pancakes works for me” says Lynn. Jasmine shares with us how a Groupon changed her free ice cream everyday life into a healthy life which includes 6 healthy recipe cookbooks and powerlifting workouts.
Key Takeaways:
[5:23] What exactly does Jasmine do?
[6:12] Social media is a big shift in sharing common interests
[7:58] Jasmine got free ice cream every day at her HR position at Nestle
[11:56] Someone suggested writing an e-cookbook
[14:24] Jasmine had support but everyone said she was crazy to quit her job in 2013
[18:37] You can make your favorite food into a healthy, affordable meal
[21:32] Jasmine’s Instagram account is filled with creative, delicious recipes
[23:09] Meal prep can be simple, don’t underestimate seasoning
[26:24] Jazzy’s top 5 seasonings
[29:22] Daily habits can help you to keep your health and fitness goals
[32:40] Jazzy’s daily routine starts with your favorite breakfast
[37:43] Reading is very important because it gives you time to re-focus
[40:26] Powerlifting for strength not for mass is Jasmine’s workout routine
[45:51] Try something new in your fitness routine to keep things exciting
[47:57] The Lightning Round! - Rock-ing the fanny pack jokes, down under
[55:19] Jazzy WOULD do Fit2Fat2Fit on purpose
[58:14] Contact information for Jasmine
Jazzy Things
Quest Nutrition
Dollar Workout Club

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