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Epigenetics - Going Beyond Genetics with Dr. Jennifer Stagg: How to flip the right switches between your genes and weight loss.

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JJ’s interview with Dr. Jennifer Stagg explores the answers to questions about how weight loss, exercise, diet, and even past generational trauma can be contained in your genetic profile. Genetic tests can give you insights into why some of your efforts have not been giving you the results you wanted. The tests go further and even prescribe the ideal diet and exercise plans that you’ve been looking for! Dr. Stagg breaks down the essence of genetics and epigenetics into easy to understand concepts, and shares valuable, practical tips you can apply right away. This podcast is aimed at helping you stop the frustrating trial and error and get to solutions - science is on your side!   Key Takeaways: [1:20] Dr. Jennifer Stagg’s career briefing. [1:55] Can your genes be making you fat? Simple genetic tests can give you great clues about why your diet hasn’t been working. [3.55] How genetic testing works. [4:28] Genetic test results can suggest a genetic matching diet that recommends the macros you should be consuming, what your ‘superfats’ are, and even what exercises might be best for you! [5:33] The results can also give you relief from guilt by showing these hidden influences on you weight fluctuations. [7.30] What is Epigenetics? Genetics is learning how your DNA is telling what you should be doing, while the Epigenetics tells us how we are interacting with our environment and affecting our gene expression. [8:30] Your genes don’t have to be your destiny - Your environment & lifestyle modify their function!  [8:55] Unzip Your Genes, Jennifer Stagg´s book. A day-to-day actionable plan based on your genomics to radically transform your health and improve your vitality. [9:33] What are the key things you must be doing? Incorporate super foods - like green tea, garlic, and more. Managing stress is a key ingredient to getting results. Sleep deprivation and mindset are two very common factors you need to take care of. [11:25] Tips to handle stress: Good sleep habits. Try this ‘subconscious greeting’ - before sleep run through your day and pick 3 times in your day when you felt the best. Identifying things that went right on an emotional level programs your mindset positively! [13:40] Can traumas affect future generations? Cortisol levels can impact offspring and it’s been proposed that generations after trauma are affected at the genetic level. [16:08] Gratitude for what is going well in your life is the mindset that will shape of your life for the better. [18:47] Lose fat fast and keep it off forever! [19:46] Listeners’ questions: How do you start changing your health?   Mentioned in this episode:  

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