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Deep Origins with Amish Shah: Healing with ayurveda, meditation and yoga

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Amish Shah shares how he transformed his life completely, healing physically, mentally and spiritually  with the help of Ancient Wisdom. Get practical tips about ways in which you can start to detox yourself in order to achieve that balance you are seeking in every aspect of your life. It is possible!! Listen to this show and begin today!   Key Takeaways: [:34]  Forgotten ancient secrets to great health and well being [:56] Toxicity and other ways of detox [1:06] Amish Shah’s life story and career [2:37] Ancient wisdom, ayurveda, and meditation [3:04] Personal health problems [4:19] I had everything except health and happiness. [5:23] Getting to the underlying cause of my addiction [5:48] Get rid of all the stuff I accumulated. [6:58] I realized I love ancient wisdom. [7:24] Deep origins [7:36] Guided meditation courses [7:49] Yantras are like Mandalas [8:12] Energetic qualities of Yantras [8:40] Gazing at this symbol gets you alpha brainwaves state. [9:05] Gazing yantras daily increase neuroplasticity and the thickness of dendrites. [10:18] What is ayurveda? [10:36] Prevention and reversal of disease [11:01] Mind, body, and soul [11:28] What are your “doshas”? [12:03] How do you know which “doshas” you were born with? [12:36] Three pulses you should measure, and six factors [13:25] Predominance of one [14:09] Imbalance creates disorder in our bodies. [14:19] The root of all diseases is based in poor digestion. [15:54] Stress is the number one cause of disease. [16:28] What is PanchaKarma? [17:04] Massage to lose toxins. [18:40] The hardest part is the diet. [19:02] What is the one thing you do everyday that makes the biggest difference in your life? [19:18] Meditation [20:02] Drinking hot or warm water throughout the day [21:47] [22:01] Toxicity quiz [22:15] [23:48] Lose fat fast and keep it off forever. [23:56] [24:15] Listeners’ questions [24:30] Should we use juice cleansers? [24:50] Do things on daily basis to detox. [26:21] You need to exhort the toxins out of your body. [27:26] Digestion is the key. [27:50] Green vegetables for detox. [28:03] FIber and lots of water. [28:18] Dry brushing. [28:25] Green plants and hot baths. [29:10] How to detoxify everyday? [29:43] for more tips   Mentioned in This Episode:

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