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Rock Me

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It's easy being an out-and-proud prince...or at least that's what I've led everyone to believe. I've spent the last few years partying across Europe, trying to dull the pain of my first love's betrayal. No one gets under my skin. No one knows the real me. I won't let them in.

Until him.

I tell myself it's only physical. Nathan's a rock god on stage, and things are even hotter in the bedroom. And besides, there's no future between us. Nathan has kept his homosexuality a secret from his fans and his bandmates. But it's hard when his eyes hide a pain I understand so well. There's a kindness behind his hard and sleek exterior. He hides dark secrets and refuses to trust anyone.

I want him to trust me.

I will use all of my power to protect him.

His true self is beautiful and the world needs to see it.

And even though he refuses to believe it, he deserves to be loved.

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