Welcome to Eden (Eden Series: Books 1-3)

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Welcome to Eden (Eden Series: Books 1-3)

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Length: 843 pages13 hours


Welcome to Eden. The men here are strong in mind, body, and heart. They will love you unconditionally, protect you with their lives, and seek to please you. Be patient with them. No matter how it appears, they are not perfect.

Cruise into Eden via an Earthly nude cruise as Erin meets the two Edenists who've been watching her for years, hoping she'll be their beloved despite them having been exiled from the gold and white city of Naralina. You'll learn all you need to know to enter the planet Eden where only males are born, each with his own paranormal "kindred" ability, clothing is nonexistent, and their goal in life is to cherish their women.

Don't be surprised to find an Unexpected Eden as you are whisked away in the nick of time with Serena as three handsome, naked hunks save her and her friend from certain death on Earth. But not everyone escapes unscathed, and the ramifications, despite living in the beautiful trees of Loraleaf, are far-reaching.

When you join Jaelene as she follows her sister through what can only be described as a portal, you'll find yourself lost in this Eden Discovered. Luckily, one naked Edenist saves Jaelene from another with bad intentions. But one Edenist is never enough on planet Eden…as you'll soon discover.

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