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Sohee Lee on Important Fitness Habits & Mindsets: If you want to know the most important habits that successful people use to achieve their fitness goals, then you want to check out this episode.

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In this episode, I have Sohee Lee back on the podcast to talk about some of the key habits and mindsets of people that succeed in achieving their fitness and goals versus those that don’t. In case you’re not familiar with Sohee, she’s a writer, coach, and bikini competitor, and, like me, she works hard to spread the good word about the actual science of proper diet, nutrition, and exercise. In this interview, I wanted her to talk about something she has really dived into in her own research and writing, and that’s the mental side of fitness. I’ve written and spoken a fair amount about it myself, but I think it’s generally undeserved and underappreciated. I’d actually like to put together an entire book on the subject, but I also want to do like 8 million other things, so, uh, we’ll see how it plays out. Anyway, my point is we tend to get so focused on the physical things--calories, macros, training variables, supplementation, etc.--and forget that none of it really matters if we can’t stick to the plan and enjoy the ride. That’s why I’m all about first and foremost creating a sustainable lifestyle and then looking at what can be done in the kitchen and gym to build the type of body that we really want. So, I hope you enjoy the interview. Here it is. 9:50 - Why is behavior change so difficult? 16:30 - What sets people who do well with diet and training apart? 30:23 - How do you deal with slipping up on your diet or training? 39:38 - How do successful people make a lifestyle change? 42:10 - What is ego depletion and is it real? 47:23 - Where can people find Sohee Fit and what are you working on now? Want to get my best advice on how to gain muscle and strength and lose fat faster? Sign up for my free newsletter! Click here:

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