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Episode 102 IronRadio - Guests Bongiovanni, Kemper Topic Promoting Bodybuilding

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Lonnie, Phil and Fortress talk with bodybuilding contest promoters Christine Bongiovanni - also an IFBB Pro - and Tom Kemper. Both have success in marketing and running bodybuilding events AND have competitive cred in mutiple strength sports. Should you try to host such an event to support your sport? What can you do to set it apart? Will you make any money? Also, tune in to hear the discussion on whether bodybuilding is a sport, an art form, a spectacle, or something else! ***Finally, we'd like to continue a new section here in our feed notes - appreciation of deserving listeners. Here's a hearty thanks to some of our newest supporting members and donors, like Kenneth, Joel, and Randy, for stepping up to help us improve Internet media for bodybuilders and strength athletes. Fifty thanks, guys! And supporting listeners, your mugs are on the way!***

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