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Episode 98 IronRadio - Guest Kelly Starrett Topic Self Care for Performance

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Phil, Rob and Lonnie talk to physical therapist and strength coach Kelly Starrett about simple things that simultaneously enhance self care AND surprisingly add up to boost your lifts. Can you really do simple but critical things that boost performance as soon as tomorrow or even in just a few hours? What's a common feature of ergogenic interventions, from creatine to sodium ingestion to glycerol to carb loading to anabolic steroids? Listen and learn! ***Finally, we'd like to continue a new section here in our feed notes - appreciation of deserving listeners. Here's a hearty thanks to some of our newest supporting members and donors, like Jill, Marc, Joseph, and Seth, for stepping up to help us improve Internet media for bodybuilders and strength athletes. Fifty thanks, guys! And supporting listeners, your mugs are on the way!***

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