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157 - The Monster Upstairs

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Set sail on the S. S. UnrankedCast: Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, Dan Weine & Tom CaswellPokémon: 157 - TyphlosionGames: Apex Legends, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Division 2, Wargroov, Xbox LiveEtcetera: Flying, Gyms, Binge Watching, Dan's FortunePodcast Game: Google That GameMerch, Comments, Complaints, Corrections!?Call: 805-738-8692Twitter: @UnrankedPodcastEmail@UnrankedPodcast.comHost ContactsTwitter@Christian_Humes, @TunaTargaryen, @BigDan815, @GreatBriTomGamertagsHenry GaIe, Tuna Targaryen, AlexMarinello, GreatBriTomNintendo Friend CodesChristian: 4405-3172-5821Alex: 5443-2451-6915Dan: 2588-5184-0411Tom: 1369-5857-5388PSN:TunaTaygaryen, BigDan815, GreatBriTom

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