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MN072 What Vaccinations Are Covered Under Medicare?: Flu, Pneumococcal and Hepatitis Shots Are Preventative Services

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Hey Medicare Nation! Learn More About Medicare Here I receive many questions from clients and listeners about Medicare.  A question that is quite common is: "What vaccinations are covered under Medicare?" That's what this week's episode is all about.... vaccinations! There are currently three vaccinations that are covered under preventative and screening services under Medicare: 1. Flu Shot 2. Hepatitis Shot 3. Pneumococcal Vaccine   Flu Shot If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, you can receive a Flu Shot from your doctor or other qualified health provider, who accepts Medicare assignment for administering the flu shot.  The cost for the Flu Shot under this scenario is $0 out-of-pocket for you. If your doctor or other healthcare provider does not accept Medicare assignment, your out-of-pocket cost be up to 100% of the cost of the Flu shot. Ensure your doctor or healthcare physician is contracted with Medicare before receiving treatment. For more information on the Flu, I'm sending you to this website:   Hepatitis B The Hepatitis B shot is available to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare Part B, have a doctor or other qualified health provider, who accepts Medicare assignment and you are at a "Medium" or "High" Risk to contract Hepatitis B. What indicates a Medium or High Risk? Well....there are many answers, but if you have certain diseases like hemophilia, ESRD (End Stage Renal Failure), Diabetes or other conditions that lower your resistance to infection are some good examples. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for the Hepatitis B shot, ask your doctor. Since the Hepatitis B shot is covered under the Preventative and Screening Services of Medicare, there is $0 out-of-pocket cost to you. To learn more about Hepatitis B, I'm giving you the link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn More About Hepatitis B   Pneumococcal Shot You are entitled to a Pneumococcal Shot if your doctor believes you need one, he or she is a qualified health provider, who accepts Medicare assignment and you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. There is also a second, different Pneumococcal shot that is administered one year after the first shot is given. Medicare Part B will cover this additional shot if your doctor says you need the two shots. You should always discuss your options and your concerns with your primary doctor. Here is the link to the CDC website on additional information about pneumococcal vaccinations: Learn More About Pneumococcal Vaccinations   Additional Vaccinations and Shots Available Other commercially administered vaccinations are available under Medicare Part "D" Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) are examples of Part D coverage. A "Booster" shot, given to adults, adolescents and children is available as Tdap. Depending on what type of Prescription Drug Plan you are on, will depend on your out-of-pocket cost. You should contact your Medicare Insurance Carrier customer service department to request such information.   Shingles The Shingles Vaccine (Herpes Zoster) is also available under Part "D" of Medicare. The Shingles Vaccine out-of-pocket costs will vary by plan. You must contact your Medicare Plan Carrier's customer service department to determine your out-of-pocket cost for the Shingles Vaccine.  If you are not enrolled in Medicare Part D, you may have to pay up to 100% of the cost for the Shingles Vaccine. Here is the link to the CDC website for information on Shingles. Learn More about Shingles I also did an ENTIRE EPISODE ON SHINGLES! Go to Apple Podcasts and search in the Medicare Nation "Feed" directory. You'll see the episode is number 46, and was published on June 17, 2016. Listen to that episode! It is EXTREMELY educational. As the Medicare season has slowed down, I will be taking a break from the weekly publishing for the next few months. I'll post a new episode about every 3-4 weeks until September, when I'll pick right up and publish weekly

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