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Maintaining Balance and Fitness for Life with Jim Jenson: Certified Fitness Instructor and Adaptive Fitness Specialist

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Welcome! My guest today is Jim Jenson, who is the owner of “Fit for Life,” an adaptive fitness business. He is a certified fitness instructor and the host of the podcast, “The Essential Boomer.” Jim is here to talk about the specific fitness needs for baby boomers.

Tell us about “Fit for Life” and what adaptive fitness is.  I have been in business for about ten years, located 20 miles south of San Francisco. I work with special fitness issues like MS, wheelchair-bound clients, and balance issues. I usually travel in a 10-15 mile radius to visit clients in their homes to work with them. I love helping people improve their lifestyle and their health!


How are you certified to do what you do? I’m certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with both basic and advanced certifications. Special training is essential to prevent injuries, so Baby Boomers need to make sure to work with someone trained in disabilities and chronic issues.


At this time of year, there are many offerings of “free memberships” in fitness programs. How can people get the most from this benefit? Always work with a trainer, and be sure they are certified for your needs and goals. You really need one-on-one training for success and injury prevention. Don’t be afraid to ask about their certification, and check with your primary doctor about beginning a fitness program.


What kinds of exercises do you teach those with special challenges? I am a big fan of resistance bands and I take them everywhere! They allow core exercises even while sitting and help with balance and stability. Recumbent bikes are great for cardio workouts. I even use foam swords for “sword fights” with wheelchair-bound clients! Check out my website for Predator Bands and a video about a total body workout with bands!


What are the primary causes of balance problems? De-conditioning is the biggest problem. This is due to the lack of use of the core muscles. Other causes include medication interaction, chronic conditions, and vision/hearing changes. Remember, a previous fall increases your chances for another fall!


What exercises can be done at home to reduce the risk of a fall? Strengthen your core muscles and practice your balance. Don’t be ashamed to use a cane or a walker for extra safety. You can even work with a certified trainer to improve your gait.


What about exercises to strengthen the core? There are many “mat work” exercises, and yoga that is geared toward seniors can increase core strength and flexibility. One of my very favorite resources is The Core Program: 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life, by Peggy Brill.


What other things can boomers do to maintain active lifestyles? For longevity, cardiovascular exercise is preferred. It’s GOOD to huff and puff and then let your body recover. For quality of life, resistance exercises (like bands) are a great option. Dancing is also wonderful for balance, stability, cardiovascular exercise, and FUN! 


Do you take any insurance in your fitness business? No, there is no insurance that pays for personal trainers except on the rare occasion when it may be included in a workman’s comp claim.


Tell us about your podcast, The Essential Boomer. It is the Baby Boomer’s Survival Guide! It’s my passion and what feeds my soul. I started it in May, and it has grown. I interview knowledgeable guests to give information to Baby Boomers. The podcast is connected to a private Facebook group by the same name.

The Core Program: 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life by Peggy Brill  (Jim’s website) (Jim’s email)
650-704-0377 (Jim’s phone number)  or 800-460-6276 (Contact NASM for certified trainers in your area.)
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