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Episode 296, "It's a mini-mall"

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Mount Up Add-on:

“Fixed” my problem with subtlety rogue
Working rep with rogue - finishing all quests in each zone
114 worgen rogue working through Tirisgarde - “the zone that never ends”
Major rant about the differences between layouts of Dazar’alor and Boralus Harbor, including a major physics problem for the Horde
Found another way archaeology is different = Darkmoon Faire
War Campaign on Horde on hold until Revered with Honorbound

Mythics with Ali
Finished the whole Kul Tiras storyline
Oh, but you have to be revered with 7th Legion to continue with Z
Working hard on rep because ^^
Arathi was amazing.
Lag on night one
So many epics and toys
One more heroic for the achievement
Working on Pathfinder

This Week in WoW:

Darkmoon Faire until Sunday
Warfronts open (more in news)
Uldir opens
Next Tuesday: BfA Dungeon Event begins


Notable hotfixes of the week

Unintended gear drops - Blizzard corrections

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