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Army Major Mike Erwin on Optimism, Relationships, Transitions

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Mike Erwin served in the US Army for 13 years, including 3 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.He is the Founder and President of The Positivity Project, a non-profit strengthening leadership and relationships through a deeper understanding of character.Mike is also the board chair of Team Red, White, and Blue, providing a network that helps veterans to combat their tendency to isolate themselves as they go through a difficult transition from soldier to civilian.When Mike was nearing the end of his deployment, he looked for a way to continue making a difference, and decided to help veterans returning from war.He's on an endless quest to do good for our country and the world.This conversation is not a military conversation -- it's about relationships and the commitment to help others transition in life.It's about finding purpose across multiple professions and staying true to what matters most to you.

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