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218: Ellen Bass: Ellen Bass on the Power of Poetry in Your Life

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Please Support The Show with a DonationEllen Bass is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her work has won award after award and rightly so - there's something so powerful, beautiful, true and often times darkly funny in her work. She says that writing poetry - as well as reading it - is an inquiry more than a description. Isn't that an interesting perspective to consider?  In this episode, you'll hear her read some of her work, share her insights and experiences in life, talk about the process of writing poetry and offer some ideas that perhaps you had not considered before - especially in the way she does. Regardless of whether or not you think of yourself as a lover of poetry, you'll be touched by this episode.She is the author of Like a Beggar, The Human Line, Mules of Love, and The Courage to or text oneyoufeed 500-500 to get a free book and get $50 toward select mattresses promo code: oneyoufeed  In This Interview, Ellen Bass and I Discuss...The Wolf ParableHer book, Like a BeggarThat poetry is an inquiry more than a descriptionDiscovering something about oneself when writing and reading poetryHer poem, RelaxTasting lifeThinking about how you are "right now"The role of finding similarities in disparate things when using metaphorThe oneness of the worldWorking hard in the chair to be a poetHow no one would expect a person to pick up a saxophone and immediately be able to play and the same is true for writing poetryHer poem, Asking Directions in ParisUsing God in her poetryHer poem, If You KnewHow because of mortality, one day, we as individuals are going to lose everythingThat poetry helps us to see deeply into the beauty of things that are right in front of usIntroducing poetry to others as you would a novelThe important role of humorPoets she mentioned:Marie HoweJericho BrownNatalie Diaz Please Support The Show with a Donation 

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