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Presence over perfection with Dr Justin Coulson

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Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia's leading parenting experts - a father of six, a doctor of psychology and a passionate advocate for intentional relationships - and in today's episode he and Brooke sit down to discuss the importance of turning up for the people we love. 
Intention is the cornerstone of slow living, which is one of the key reasons Brooke wanted to chat with Justin, and they talk about the impact it has not only on parent-child relationships, but the way we use technology, the way we allocate our time, and the way we choose our priorities. 
Justin and Brooke also talk about the immense pressure we put on ourselves by trying to be everything to everyone, and how the resulting comparisons leave us exhausted and feeling like a failure. One of the best parts of this conversation is that Justin not only talks about the problem, but offers practical solutions too. 
Recently Brooke also asked for topic and guest suggestions on Facebook and she asks Justin to help offer answers to some of the parenting questions she received there. 
Justin has two super generous offers for listeners of the poggie today, and you can find details of them, as well as Justin's website and social media links over at
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