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206: The Russian Civil War Pt. 6: When the Communist leaders in Moscow defeated the Whites, they still have a plethora of other problems to work though.

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When the Communist leaders in Moscow defeated the Whites, they still have a plethora of other problems to work though. Do you want to chat with other History of the Great War listeners, and yours truly, come hang out in Discord: the podcast on where you can get access to special supporter only episodes.For a no strings attached donation: People's Tragedy The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 by Orlando FigesThe Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement, March 1921 by M.V. GlennyBehind the Front Lines of the Civil War: Political Parties and Social Movments in Russia, 1918-1922 by Vladimir N. BrovkinCivil War in Europe, 1905-1945 by Stanley G. PayneCivil War in South Russia, 1918 by Peter KenezCommunism and the East: The Baku Congress, 1920 by Stephen WhiteThe Eastern Front 1914-1920: From Tannenberg to the Russo-Polish War by Michael S. Neiberg & David JordanEpisodes from the Early Cold War: Franco-Soviet Relations, 1917-1927 by Michael Jabara CarleyHarmonicas for Lenin? The Development of German Economic Policy Toward Soviet Russia December 1918 - June 1919 by Robert HimmerRed Advance White Defeat Civil War in South Russia 1919-1921 by Peter KenezArkhangel'sk, 1918: Regionalism and Populism in the Russian Civil War by Yanni KotsonisRussia and Europe: Diplomacy, Revolution, and Economic Development in the 1920s by Teddy J. UldricksSoviet Policy Toward Germany during the Russo-Polish War, 1920 by Robert HimmerThe Russian Revolution 1917-1921 by William Henry ChamberlinThe Problem with Generals: Military Observers and the Origins of the Interventionin Russia and Persia, 1917-1918 by Brock MillmanThe Political Significance of German-Soviet Trade Negotiations, 1922-5 by R.P MorganThe "Russian" Civil War, 1916-1926: Ten Years That Shook the World by Jonathan D. SmeleThe Transition from War Communism to the New Economic Policy: An Analysis of Stalin's Views by Robert HimmerWhy Did the Communists Win or Lose? A Comparative Analysis of the Revolutionary Civil Wars in Russia, Finland, Spain, and China by Pavel Osinsky and Jari ElorantaThe Russian Civil War by Evan MawdsleyLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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