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Elia Banderas

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In the days before January 1st, 1996, a housekeeper at a luxury Atlanta hotel was murdered—in broad daylight. Just months later, a guest is beaten to death, in the same hotel, also during the day. Housekeeping staff are the invisible gears that keep hotels running smoothly—but at what cost?*Note: after the recording of this episode, a new suit was filed in the Mangham case.The Fall Line is created, written, researched, and hosted by L Norton and B Hargrove. Mixed/Mastered by Encompass Podcast Studio/Content advisement by Professor Marcela Fuentes and Brandy C. Williams/Research assistance by Haley Gray and Kim Fritz/Review by Winter WheelerSupport the podcast by supporting our sponsors!Try Article today: to get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or moreHair care with Madison Reed at will get your 10% off!Get merch at to The Fall Line on Patreon or via Paypal!All Rights Reserved. Any plagiarism, including but not limited to uncredited adaptation of original research, overreliance, credited or otherwise, structural plagiarism, improper paraphrasing and/or quotation will be seen as copyright/IP infringement.

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